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How to upgrade the RAM on the new Mac mini

It also allows you to multi-task to a much greater degree as your applications, email, web browsing, etc. However additional RAM does not solve all the issues of a "slow" computer. If you find that it takes the latest OS a long time to load or your spreadsheets are taking minutes before they are ready to use, then you should consider swapping out your old spinning HDD for an SSD. In a working environment, waiting minutes each time a new program loads or for your computer to be ready to use, is a time consuming and costly exercise. Added up, wait times increase to hours lost when totaled over the course of just a week.

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None of us here have that kind of time to waste, do you? Popular Apple community Questions and Answers. Cheers, Evan Answer: Evan, I assume it's not a retina screen model? If it is not a retina, then, yes, that is the correct 4gb modules. Regards Keith. B00 SMC Version system : 1. I have watched the videos and I can manage that. Please advise what you would sell me.

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Do you sell the torx toolkits? Let me know please. This lists the RAM available, including the 4gb and 2gb modules you'll need to max it out at 6gb. What you are looking for in accessories is either option 1 or 3, they both include the tools a complete set of tools which can be used on any Apple product , suction cups and bracket.

Thanks for the inquiry, if you have any further queries don't hesitate to contact me accordingly. I recently bought a macbook air for Uni and thought I wouldn't need more than gb. But I feel like I might need to upgrade the storage. I just wanted to know what the process is, what the warranty covers and whether or not it works! Spent alot of money on the laptop and again to upgrade it so I need to know it works!

How to upgrade RAM in a Mac

This item is designed specifically for the MacBook Air , it is not a generic module. It will definitely work as we have sold quite a number of these since they were released. Here is a link to our MacBook Air page, just select your model from the top category and the list of upgrades available will appear. Is this not possible? If not, I see no reason to upgrade the SSD.

Answer: Hi Peter, Unfortunately you cannot run bootcamp on the Aura SSD's as they are seen as an external drive by Mac OSX Regardless of being internal You could run a virtual machine or use parallels but understandably that is not a good solution for everyone.

Let me know how you would like to proceed and I can help you out from there. Kind regards, Josh R.

DMS Has Been Specializing In Apple Memory Upgrades Since 1987.

Your site offers upgrades up to 32gb using 8gb cards for either 16gb or 32gb upgrades. Before I order I'd like to know what really is the maximum for this specific computer and what cards will work. Specifically can I upgrade to 16gb using 2 x 8gb cards or 4 x 4gb cards which you don't seem to have? Answer: Jeanette, The 12,2 can definitely be upgraded to 32gb via 2 16gb kits, which is 2x 8gb modules.

The late 2014 Apple Mac Mini: The best (and worst) of both worlds

The 8gb modules were released after the iMac and Apple never retroactively updates their information. They'd prefer to sell you a new computer! What most people do is add a 16gb kit to their existing ram usually 2x2gb or 2x4gb and go to a total of 20gb or 24gb as they have two slots free to start.

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We sell hundreds of these upgrades a month into this series without issue. Here is a link to your upgrade page with all the upgrades available. All ram is in stock. Please advise your suggestions and costs. Here is the link to the 10,1 upgrade page. Both 27" and All SSD orders include a complete set of instructions and we can provide proper tech support as we do about 10 of these installs a week in our Sydney office.

Thanks for your inquiry Keith. When did you want to bring it in? Answer: Hi, Yes, you can put our 8gb or 16gb kit in alongside the existing 2x2gb modules, no worries. The Mac identifier is macbookpro9,2. Which is right? Thanks Clint Answer: Clint, I can assure you this model takes the 16gb kit. The new square shaped desktop delivers five times the amount of performance over its predecessor, at least according to Apple. Because the Mac Mini is aimed at creatives who typically count on processor- and graphics-intensive software and editing large files, the Mac Mini needs to be able to keep pace, more so than any previous version.

The quad- and hexa-core Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost speeds of up to 4. The latest Mac mini comes with the Apple T2 security chip, which comes with an SSD controller with on-the-fly data encryption for "industry-leading security. We would much rather see some form of discrete graphics. Anyone utilizing the Apple Mac mini for graphically-intensive creative work, such as video editing and 3D modeling, may find the integrated graphics considerably limiting and time-consuming.

On the other hand, those looking for a boost in performance on this front can always plug in an eGPU.

Editing raw 4K video files and adding effects on the fly in Final Cut is impressively smooth for such a diminutive machine. Apple also showed us an interesting setup where a single Mac mini was connected via a network switch to a network cluster of five Mac minis piled on top of each other.

By putting the 10Gb Ethernet port on the Mac mini if you choose that option when purchasing the Mac mini to good use, you can offload intensive processes such as rendering video to these other Mac minis. Once setup, the tasks are completed by the other Mac minis, while the main one may be utilized for other tasks without any noticeable impact on performance.

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Perhaps most impressively, the stack of five Mac minis remains pretty quiet, even when working on those intensive tasks. For anyone who has used multiple PCs at once for complex projects and had to put up with the sound of fans blasting off, this is definitely a welcome solution.

We are really impressed with how the new Mac mini feels fast and responsive when running macOS Apps open and close instantaneously, and even more challenging processes, such as video transcoding, are accomplished quickly, not to mention silently. If you go for the Mac mini configuration with a hexa-core processor, expect even better results. This is a very accomplished little machine that packs some brilliant new features and components for a level of performance that puts many other small form-factor PCs to shame. Apple has acknowledged that the computing landscape has changed since the last Mac mini was released.

Back then, the Mac mini was designed with casual users in mind and as an accessible device to win over people from Windows. With the rise of laptops and the entry-level MacBook now acting as that crossover device, Apple has pitched the Mac mini towards creatives and professionals. That might sound crazy, but you know what?