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This version add third pass option --pass3 , phase error detection in cases where a EQUated symbol changes value between passes, and automatic switch to third pass in that case. En las versiones anteriores algunos errores daban un estado de salida 0. Added a warning when the 64 KiB limit is crossed in the middle of a instruction, all warnings now show line information, some changes to allow use of more compilers, gcc 4 in particular thanks to the Debian people.

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Debian package: Pasmo is now included in Debian stable as official package. You can download an rpm package from here. This version is unfinished, download only if you want to test the new features or help in development. In this version the parser is completely rewritten using bison. You need a recent version of bison to compile it unless you don't touch the grammar and don't modify the file timestamps when unpacking.

If the firewall is disabled, although Moodle4Mac works without further settings in the network, but your computer is vulnerable to all requests from the outside The the system firewall of OS X is a packet filter that determines for each program if a data packet should be passed or blocked. If the firewall is enabled every program must be entered on a list to respond to requests from outside.

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You will find httpd in the MAMP folder To enter httpd into the whitelist of the firewall you must click forward on this path You need to get this setting for the firewall only once. If httpd is approved then all computers in your local network can access to Moodle Do not open the firewall for mysqld because Moodle itself gets a connection to mysql on the server but no user should communicate with mysql directly from the client. Usually such local numbers start with And there will be no problem with any operating system.

MAMP can be used for testing and developing web sites locally on a Mac computer.

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MAMP should not be used in a production environment because everybody knows all the settings and all the predefined passwords. MAMP is prepared for an easy start and not for a public web server!! But with some careful modifications, you can sufficiently secure MAMP and Moodle4Mac to use them in public development environments. Be careful!

Moodle4Mac is a preconfigured package where all the default settings are accessible. The password for the Moodle admin user is known and must necessarily be changed. But please do not think that this should be enough!

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Your Moodle could also be attacked through the back door via the database. You definitely need to change the passwords of the database users root and moodle, because these passwords are known.

Otherwise any hacker could change the password of the user account admin to get full access to all the information in Moodle. Alternatively, the hacker could also assign another user account to full admin access and he would be able to read all informations It is also possible to delete the database completely if you know the root access to the database so that all information could be lost in this case. The text is copied from webopius web site except for the last steps. It is very simple to update your locally installed Moodle.

You start the update with a double click and everything happens automatically.

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All courses rest in Moodle. You do not need to renew your local Moodle completely Make sure that the Git program is installed on your Mac see instructions below. You also need an Internet connection because the files are downloaded from the Moodle update server. A double click on the icon UpdateMoodle.

That's really all The Git program connects to the Moodle server and controls which files are new, which have changed and which have been deleted. The transmission time depends on the internet connection. With Git only really necessary files will be transmitted. You can easily start the update again later.

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If you want to see what is inside the document UpdateMoodle. It is only a text file but it uses a OS X feature to open and execute the script with the Terminal program. You don't need to learn anything The different versions of the script UpdateMoodle. The shown script upgrades Moodle 2. Open the disk image and doubleclick the installer git-xxx-osx. If you want to know more about Git then read the Git documentation on their web site Herramientas personales Acceder. En otros idiomas Deutsch English.