Windows 7 snap feature on mac

AquaSnap is clean, easy to install and easy to uninstall. AquaSnap is compatible with all Windows versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 10 , with true bit support. We will do our absolute best to support all future Windows versions. Get AquaSnap. Window docking. Window tiling. Window snapping.

Window stretching. Move windows together. Make a window stay on top.

How to get the Windows 7 "Snap" feature on a Mac - HyperDock

Mouse shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts.

Window Snapping on Mac: How to Use It

In your language. Tiny and clean. For Windows. OS X has some great tools to make window management easier and most of the time I wish Windows has similar software to help me be more productive.

How to Get Windows Style Window Snapping on OS X Right Now

AquaSnap provides features which should be included in Windows out of the box. After working several months with AquaSnap, I can only recommend it for everyone to try and be amazed. Bottom line: lots of useful feature, great quality, fast and nice support, very affordable, highly recommended! This is a great expansion of the improvements that came in Windows 7, well worth the small licence fee.

The developer has been very responsive when I have reported a small bug in handling the windows of a specific program, and he keeps adding nifty features based on a system where users can vote for new functionality they want.

Within hours I received a polite, professional, comprehensive and personalized response and within minutes AquaSnap Pro was working perfectly. I love this company, I love their software, and I will definitely be buying from them again. Certain monolithic software companies could learn a lot from Nurgo's business model for handling customer support! Caldwell Network Engineer.

Enter Split View

I know most of the shortcuts that make my life easier and me more productive. But what was still missing was some sort of utility to arrange, resize and layer the windows on my desktop. I tried out a lot of tools, but none suited my needs.

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Enter AquaSnap! Now, I have full control of window arrangement with a simple combination of keys. Really smart features like snapping, stretching windows makes arranging them super easy. And since I also use multi monitors there was no second thought: I purchased the full product for just a couple of bucks!

User support? Awesome: I wish my clients would have a portion of the attitude that AquaSnap's team have. So, if you're looking for something that puts you in the driver's seat of controlling your windows, look no further! With AquaSnap I could keep the help files open while I worked or browse the web. If you drag it into a corner, it will automatically snap to one-quarter size of your screen. If you drag the window to the side of your Mac, it will snap to half the screen. Some users may find this easier and more intuitive or more useful for viewing multiple windows at once.

How to span a window across 2 monitors mac

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Window docking

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